Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Allow me to introduce my self

My name is Veronica I Snowball. My goal is simple to share with women the "Dickus". What's the "Dickus"? The "Dickus" is man's view. His View on everthing from our tits, to our ass, to our bodies mind, and souls. What do men love? Football, BBQ's, Compitition, Pussy, and Long Hair down to the curviture of our ass.
"DICKUS" # 1: Men Absolutly love BAD GIRLS!
Good girls say, "No;" bad girls ask, "When?"Men are instantly aroused by the BAD GIRLS of the world, but inside we know they could never TAME -- much less TRUST -- a female like this. Instinctively men seek out more normal, down-to-earth women when they are thinking of marriage and children which most men are not...Still, it's a problem that never goes away. MEN want the best of both worlds: a princess on the street and a whore in the bedroom. Men want someone who is NICE and treats them with respect, yet who acts like a wildcat in heat between the sheets.

She's Fun...
She can party all night, drink herself into a stupor and still get up the next day and be ready for more. She'll laugh and flirt, and make you feel like a man.
She's Exciting...
Bad girls are walking adrenaline rushes. For her, life is a roller coaster ride, and it'll get your blood singing just to be along for the trip. Bad girls never have time for introspection or depression -- they're too busy grabbing the world by the horns.
She Craves Sex...
The bad girl loves men and makes no bones about it. She's more than happy to fulfill any fantasy you can dream up. She's the kind who will tear up the sheets while she's screaming out her seventh orgasm in a row (you'll feel like you're the king of the sexual world). And you won't have to deal with SO MUCH SHIT -- she's more than happy to seduce you 24/7.
She's Eye Candy....
Bad girls are usually very attractive.They know how to walk the walk and strut their stuff. They get off on being the center of male attention.
A bad girl loves plunging necklines, bare midriffs, high heels, skirts hemmed at mid-thigh, strapless anything, and sexy lingerie (if she wears any underwear at all).LOL
She ups Your Status...
When you have a stunner like this on your arm, all other men are jealous and women are intrigued, and immediately your rating soars into the stratosphere.

What Do Ewe Think?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"No Problem...After the Game"

In the words of famous Chicagoan Bishop Don Magic Juan, "Green is for the money, Gold is for the honeys!"  The NBA Finals IS Boston Celtics vs LA Lakers!  Yes you read that correctly, that historic matchup is what the game is all about.  True fans have waited 21 years to see these two legendary teams slug it out no holds barred for the championship trophy(a.k.a. Larry Obrien trophy).  I understand that everyone is not a fan of NBA basketball(by reading this u receive a temporary fan pass), but this is MUST SEE TV!  This is bigger than TGIF, NBC's thursday night of comedy, and a 4 hour Desperate Housewives and Lost series finale combined.  I'm talking epic proportions, which is why I will be glued to the tube every second of this series with "no regard for human life!"  I consider myself pretty lucky that my other half enjoys the sport, but for those of you who are not as lucky, just keep repeating "Serenity Now."   One of the biggest ways to annoy a man is to interrupt him while he watches his sport, whatever it may be.  Women, most of you are very good at this.  Sometimes I believe there is a class that teaches "how to", and this definitely falls under that category.  To be asked to help with the dishes or to run to the store during Celtcs and the Lake Show would be insulting.  Its not that we don't want to help, although alot of the time we don't want to help, its just the principle. Remember, 21 years was the last time any of us saw this.  I suggest that EVERYBODY watch at least 1 game of these finals. If you don't feel the need(you will regret it tho) then it would  be very wise not to bother someone who is displaying excellent judgement by doing the right thing and sitting in front of the tv!

To all my unlucky fans............"SERENITY NOW...SERENITY NOW!"


Sunday, June 1, 2008


Thanks for cumming.
 But seriously, this page is gonna tackle the 
subject on everybodies mind. 
Vivica and Johnson are gonna give you their perspective 
on the world, as it relates to your pants.
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